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Category: Selling a Home

    5 Reasons You’ll Regret Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

    By Michael Melton | July 29, 2022

    In the age of the internet, it seems that anything is possible after a quick “how to” search, including selling your home on your own. But, when you look at the statistics, you’ll find that only 8% of homes sold were done without a real estate agent. And, looking further at those statistics, you can... Read More

    Things to Know About Home Warranties When Selling a House

    By Michael Melton | July 22, 2022

    Home warranties offer buyers and sellers a sense of security about the quality of a home before they move in. If something goes wrong with your home’s appliances or mechanical systems, you may not be able to fix them yourself, so you could end up paying someone else to do it. Home warranties cover repairs... Read More

    What Does an Appraiser Do to Determine Home Value?

    By Michael Melton | July 15, 2022

    What is the difference between an appraisal and a valuation? How much should I expect to pay for my house? And why is it important to hire an independent appraiser? An appraisal is a professional opinion of the property’s value. An appraisal is usually performed by an independent third party who has no financial interest... Read More

    How to Win a House Negotiation: A Guide For Sellers

    By Michael Melton | July 8, 2022

    If you’re selling your house, there will come a time when you need to negotiate with potential buyers. You may not even realize it until it happens, but if you’ve done your homework and prepared yourself ahead of time, you’ll be ready to handle any situation that comes your way.  Here are some expert house... Read More

    The Ultimate Closing Checklist For Home Sellers

    By Michael Melton | July 1, 2022

    Accepting an offer on your home is an exciting step. It may feel like the process is done and celebrations are in order – but closing on the home sale can be more work than you might expect. The final phase includes the legal transfer of your property’s title, final negotiations, tying up loose ends,... Read More

    16 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal Before Selling Your Home

    By Michael Melton | June 24, 2022

    Today, it’s easy for buyers to quickly scroll past home listings that don’t immediately impress them. To catch a buyer’s attention, your home will need great curb appeal.  According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 96% of real estate agents advise improving curb appeal before sellers list their home for sale, while 99% believe curb appeal... Read More

    How Much Work Should You Do on Your Home Before Selling it?

    By Michael Melton | June 17, 2022

    Before you dive into pre-selling home improvement, you’ll want to carefully choose the right repairs to maximize your profit.  To help you determine how much work to do before selling your house, we’ve narrowed down these three options for home improvements that can result in a successful sale.   Option 1: Make Minor Improvements This option... Read More

    How Much Will I Make Selling My House?

    By Michael Melton | June 10, 2022

    Despite rising interest rates and creeping inflation, the housing market continues to enjoy favorable pricing, largely due to low inventory. Reuters calculated that the median price of new homes increased 21.4% in March from the previous year – resulting in homeowners asking the question: Is this a good time to sell my home? Once you determine that now is a... Read More

    Will My House Appraise for Its Selling Price? Tips to Avoid a Low Valuation

    By Michael Melton | June 3, 2022

    Determining the right sale price for your home is key to having a matching appraisal. If you’re wondering how valuation works, here’s everything you need to know to be more certain your house will appraise for its selling price. When and why does a home appraisal happen? When a buyer is financing the home, an... Read More

    6 Tips For A Quick Home Sale

    By Michael Melton | May 27, 2022

    Looking to sell your home quickly? Even in today’s seller’s market, it typically takes a little over two months to sell a house from listing to closing. Here’s your guide to getting an offer, signing a deal, and moving through your home sale quickly. 1. Cleaning Cleaning is the first step in any successful sale.... Read More