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Why Should You Hire an Agent to Sell Your Home?

Hiring an agent to sell your house can be a great way to get top dollar for your property. But why should you consider hiring an agent instead of selling through a real estate company or using the services of a private seller?

Selling your house privately can be a challenging task. There are many things to take into consideration before listing your home. The price of your house depends on several factors such as location, condition, size, etc. If you don’t want to deal with these challenges, then you should consider hiring an agent.

There are many benefits associated with hiring an agent to sell your property. An agent has access to multiple buyers who can offer you a better deal than you would receive from a single buyer. They also provide you with professional guidance throughout the entire process.

Here are more reasons to hire an agent if you’re selling your home:

Likely to get more money for your home

Some home sellers believe they can get more money for their property by cutting out the standard real estate commission and selling their homes themselves. But, that’s not exactly the case.

FSBO sellers are walking away from home sales with less, according to a 2021 report by the National Association of Realtors® that states the median price for FSBO-sold homes was $260,000 while agent-involved home sales averaged $318,000.

Likely to generate a faster sale

Agents have experience with strategies that help sell properties quickly. They are well-acquainted with the housing market and what motivates potential buyers in your area. They’ll also come prepared with a comparative market analysis with data from similar homes nearby that have sold recently. 

Helps manage many parts of the transaction

There are many moving parts, timelines, and professionals involved in real estate transactions. Your agent acts as your project manager and liaison for every step of the selling process. 

Each of these steps requires expertise, communication, and lots of paperwork to move the sale forward. Here are some aspects that real estate agents assist with during the sale:

  • Setting an asking price based on current market conditions & data
  • Advertising the property
  • Helping prepare the home for showings
  • Showing the home to buyers
  • Handling buyer offers
  • Preparing contracts
  • Overseeing real estate attorney review
  • Negotiating offers
  • Reviewing seller disclosures
  • Reviewing loan paperwork
  • Arrange title searches and communicate with escrow agents
  • Home inspections
  • Buyer contingencies
  • Appraisals
  • Closing documents
  • Walkthrough
  • Closing

Setting the right sale price

It’s essential to price your home appropriately for your local real estate market. Sellers who have the help of their agents and comparative analysis have the best chance of setting the right price for their homes.

Marketing like a pro

Expert real estate agents have an arsenal of marketing strategies they use to market your listing. Agents advertise on the multiple listing service (MLS) database, social media, and other advertising venues. They also have a network of prospective buyers and buyers’ agents to share their listings with. 

Acts as a negotiator

Real estate agents have negotiation tactics to help you get the maximum price for your property. Negotiations may include expenses like home warranty premiums, repair costs, and cosmetic updates to the home.

Advocates for you from listing to closing

An agent works as an advocate on your behalf to protect your interests above the interests of the buyer. 

Team Melton has over 50 combined years of real estate experience to assist you through every step of the process. Contact us today to get started on selling your home!

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